Katha Ankahee

Katha Ankahee:

Katha Ankahee is an Indian television program that is aired on Sony Entertainment Television. This drama is of about 24 minutes. The drama is about a single mother who tries her best to provide everything to her son. This drama is remake on the story of a Turkish drama One Thousand and One Nights. The shooting of this drama was done in Mumbai.

Name Katha Ankahee
Genre Drama, Romance
Directed By Ravi Bhuhan, Inder Das
Produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes Almost 75
Running Time Monday – Friday 8:30 Pm
Camera Setup Multicamera
Show timing Almost 24 minutes
Original Network Sony Entertainment Television
Release date December 5, 2022 – ongoing 

Plot story of the drama serial Katha Ankahee:

The drama story revolves around Katha a single mother of Aarav. She tries her best to provide everything to her son by working a number of jobs. Aarav is suffering from blood cancer, which causes difficulties for Katha, due to expensive treatment. She crosses paths with Viaan, who got hurt due to his father as he left her mother to suffer alone. The drama starts with Katha telling Felguni Ben to look after her son till she comes back from working.

Katha starts her working day by teaching yoga to women. After that she gets ready for her next job, as she gets on her cycle. She is basically an architecture, but also tries to earn money through different part time jobs for her terminally ill son. She is loved and praised by everyone due to her hardworking nature. She gets praised by everyone as she gets success in achieving a project from Dubai, for Viaan. While she is working hard her son’s health gets worse, so she leaves to get money for her son’s treatment. 

First she goes to bank for bank loan but fails in doing so, after that she decides to visit her in laws, family of her late husband. Mr. Kailash (father of Adi) insults her and asks her to leave as she was the reason his son died and also curses her. When everyway is closed so she decides to get money through public organizations by posting a video on social media platform in the hope of getting some money, but in vain as no one helps her. Aarav grandmother visits Katha and wishes to help her by giving gold bengals to her. 

Katha gets a chance as she gets call from Viaan rivals company and is offered money if she is ready to leak information about their recent project but she refuses to do so. Katha tries her best to help Viaan in solving a problem regarding their project. At first Viaan gets angry on her as she goes against them by signing a deal with Viaan enemy, but later is amazed by Katha’s ability and promotes her.

Aarav health gets worse so Katha decides to get help from Ahsan her boss in office but as she reaches office, she finds Viaan there. So she asks him for help and he misunderstands her by thinking that she is misusing him, as no one is aware of her son and marriage. In anger Viaan tells her that he is ready to give her money but she has to spend one night with him, on which Katha leaves in anger. She soon returns with agreement as she has no other way. Viaan gets angry thinking that Katha is like every other gold digger. 

Kavita asks Kailash why he is being harsh on Katha, she further says she will not forgive him nor Adi will if something bad happens to Aarav. He agrees for giving money. Katha spends night with Viaan and gets money for her son’s operation. Kailash also calls her and tells her that he is ready to provide money on which Katha says she don’t need his money as she had arranged it. 

Aarav surgery gets successful. Viaan tries to normalize everything between him and Katha, but fails in doing so. Tej meets Katha and gets impressed by her. Viaan tries to get Katha forgiveness but she refuses to forgive him. Katha will suffer while working in the office. Aarav will advise her to work to her best self.

Katha Ankhaee upcoming plot:

In upcoming episode Shamita will tell Katha while crying that Viaan misbehaved with her on which Katha will remember that night which will make her sad and angry and she will misunderstand Viaan.